Thursday, November 6, 2014

Youth Convention

Don't Forget

We're meeting at 3pm Friday Nov 6th for transportation to Youth Convention. 

Pizza is provided!

Youth Convention which will be held at 

Grand Rapids First A/G 2100 44th St SW Grand Rapids, MI 49519.

When it is: Friday, November 7 — Saturday, November 8

Guest Speaker and Worship Band: Allen Griffin and One Accord

What does the cost include: Travel, Lodging, Registration, Rollerskating, and Breakfast on 


When we will leave: We will take off from the church at 3:00pm. Registration begins @6:00pm in 

Grand Rapids.

When will we return: 7:30pm 

Transportation: Leaving Lakeside at 3pm for those riding on the vans. 


● Friday Dinner: Free pizza provided at 2:30pm. Feel free to have your child bring snacks for later 

in the day. There will also be concessions available at the roller rink around 11pm. Bring your 

own money

● Saturday Breakfast: Free Breakfast is provided at the Hotel

● Saturday Lunch: Stopping for Fast Food. Bring your own money

● Saturday Dinner: We will be stopping for Fast Food on the way back. Bring your own money

What to Bring:

● Your bible

● Money for food there and back. Also for snacks at the roller rink

You can bring snacks for the van ride and at the hotel. However, if you bring the snacks you 

must make sure there is no mess left behind. NO EXCUSES!

In case of an emergency: Call Kara Mills at 586-764-5620. If she doesn’t answer please leave a 

message and she will get back to you as soon as possible. (Please no texting)