Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Break Big Serve

WHAT:It's Spring Break! But you're not going to the beach...WHAT TO DO?
Hang out with us. If you're off school and you want a great way to spend your time come out and help our community.
The BIG SERVE! is all about helping out while school's out. 
WHO:Junior and Senior High Girls. Special Middle School serve day on Tuesday!
WHERE:Meet at Lakeside each day and we'll be going to various serve locations:

: Forgotten Harvest (MAP) JH & SH
Tuesday: MIDDLE SCHOOL Grace Center of Hope (MAP), JH & SH The Power Company Kid's Club (MAP)
Forgotten Harvest (MAP) JH & SH
Monday, 12-4. Tuesday 10-2. Wednesday 12-4.
Because you don't have anything else cool to do during spring break but make vines!

Free. But we're stopping for fast food lunch each day.