Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Girl's Sleepover

WHAT:All 7th-College age girls are invited to stay over at Mrs. Theresa's home for a great night devo and time to hang out. Then the girls will all be going to Power Company Kid's Club in Pontiac MI on Saturday morning. Transportation to Pontiac is provided. Drop off at 1pm at Lakeside
WHO:Junior and Senior High Girls as well as College age are invited. 
WHERE:Theresa Haye's home.  Drop off at the home. Pick up at Lakeside.
52550 Charining Way Shelby Township MI 48315. Map. 

WHEN:Friday Night Nov 22, 7pm thru Saturday Afternoon Nov 23, 1pm
HOW:Sign up on Wednesday. Please RSVP and do not just stop by. Space is limited.
Still have questions? Call Kara in the Youth Office - 586-726-1120.