Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fine Arts District Festival Info

FINE ARTS 2013 Schedule

UPDATE: I will post the schedule of each performance once Fine Arts gives it to us on Friday.

Due to the amount of participants, we will begin competition on both days 15 minutes earlier than last year! There is one room that will begin at 7:30am on Saturday morning!

Friday, March 15th
3PM-Van Riders Meet at Lakeside
4PM- Registration
5PM- Orientation
5:45PM- Competition begins
11PM Approx - Van Returns to Lakeside

Saturday, March 16th
6AM- Van Riders Meet at Lakeside
7AM- Registration (please send your student(s) right into the Sanctuary for orientation)
7AM- Orientation
7:30AM- Room# 11/12- Competition begins
7:45AM- Competition begins
3:30PM- ONE ACCORD Concert
4:30PM- Celebration Service (end time-6PM)
7PM- Van Returns to Lakeside

*All participants are required to sit in on an orientation prior to their performance!*