Monday, February 4, 2013

Purity Ring Ceremony

Purity Ring Ceremony

February 10th, 10am service

The purity ring ceremony is a special picture of the commitment to sexual purity shared between a parent and his or her teenage son or daughter. The ceremony will take place Sunday morning in the 10am main service. In it a parent presents a ring to his or her teenager to wear as a symbol of that teenager's commitment to purity. The ring ceremony can affect the lives of students and families for generations.

Please sign up with Kara or by calling the office and letting us know that your son or daughter will be participating. We will be printing certificates after the ceremony, so if your student would like to participate but has not signed up please let us know so that we can print one out for them.


Please purchase a ring or some other gift for your teens. These rings will be a symbol of their mutual commitment to a lifetime of purity. You can use a plain, simple ring or something more ornate. These rings serve as a reminder of the commitment of the family to sexual purity.